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Many community members have expressed their support for Suburban Hospital's campus enhancement project, which will enable the hospital to continue to provide quality healthcare for generations to come.

"As a newer resident of Bethesda and a recent patient of Suburban Hospital, I couldn't help but be struck by the incredible need for improvements to the hospital. It seems that it is time for the community and our elected officials to step to the plate and do the right thing in supporting Suburban is doing what is right for the 'whole' of the community."

Barbara Newhouse
President and CEO
Arthritis Foundation, MidAtlantic Region

"As a nearby and frequent user of the hospital, I say it is time to let Suburban go forward with its plans... The larger neighborhood is the Oakmont Special Taxing District, which is on record as strongly favoring the hospital's plans. The Huntington Terrace Civic Association shouldn't be characterized as reflecting the whole neighborhood."

Alan Ehrlich
Suburban Hospital Neighbor

"Suburban Hospital's administration has demonstrated leadership and foresight in its responsibility to serve the complex medical needs of the one million people in Montgomery County. We should all be supporting the modernization of its facilities."

Terri Boyd

"...The achievement of this important health care goal best serves the entire community. No doubt the 1,500 people who signed letters of support for Suburban Hospital’s campus enhancement program would agree."

Douglas S. Ingram, Pd.D,

"Montgomery County deserves and demands a nationally recognized trauma center with state-of-the-art facilities serving both patients and doctors."

Kathy Parnell
Derwood, MD

"I live four blocks from the hospital and consider myself very fortunate to live so close by. Please do not let a small group of vocal people…derail this much needed expansion that stands to benefit all of Montgomery County."

Maryann Brondi
Suburban Hospital Neighbor

"The Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce supports expanding infrastructure critical to ensuring our quality of life, not only in the areas of transportation, education and public safety, but also in expanded access to healthcare by increasing hospital capacity throughout the region. The Suburban Hospital expansion will add the capacity necessary to ensure access to quality healthcare for those who live and work in our community."

Georgette Godwin
President & CEO, Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce

"In 1987, I became critically ill and in severe pain was rushed to nearby Suburban Hospital. I was immediately treated, and prepared for life saving surgery by first class hospital and attending medical staff. To this day, I thank Suburban Hospital whose commitment to provide quality care saved my life. Today, Suburban Hospital is planning facility enhancements ensuring that my neighbors, my family and I have continued access to advanced technology and an exceptional medical facility if called on to provide care for us in the future."

Martin L. Kamerow
Senior Consultant, Goodman & Company

"Like Suburban Hospital, Charles E. Smith Life Communities is dedicated to providing quality care. We have met the needs of seniors in our community for nearly 100 years. Today, our campus is home to more than 1,000 residents taking advantage of independent living, assisted living, outpatient medical services, rehabilitation services and long-term nursing care at the Hebrew Home, Ring House, Revitz House, Landow House and the Hirsh Health Center. We support Suburban Hospital’s efforts to enhance its existing services to provide quality healthcare in a state of the art environment well into the future."

Warren R. Slavin
President/CEO, Hebrew Home of Greater Washington, Charles E. Smith Life Communities

"Lakeview is home to about 200 elder and culturally diverse senior citizens with complex medical needs. Our residents overwhelmingly rely on Suburban Hospital for their emergency and hospital care. That's why we are pleased to see Suburban Hospital planning to meet the increasingly complex healthcare needs of our patients today and tomorrow."

Marcia Weber
Services Coordinator, Lakeview House

"As emergency first responders, who put our lives on the line every day, we recognize the need for a 21st century trauma center. That’s why we enthusiastically support Suburban Hospital's planning process for enhancing its facility, especially its emergency and trauma centers."

Denise Gill
Community Policing Coordinator, Bethesda Police

"When trauma occurs, the difference between life and death can come down to a matter of minutes or even seconds. The last thing we need are diversions or emergency department closures that result from insufficient capacity. That's why it is so important that Suburban Hospital enhance its emergency and trauma facilities so we can take care of everyone who comes to us for life-saving care."

Dany Westerband, M.D.
Chairman, Trauma and Emergency Surgery, Suburban Hospital

"The mentally ill of Montgomery County rely heavily on Suburban Hospital's emergency room, psychiatric inpatient unit and addiction treatment program. We congratulate Suburban Hospital on its foresight and fully support its planning process to enhance its facilities."

Esther Kaleko-Kravitz
Executive Director, National Association of the Mentally Ill -- Montgomery County Chapter, NAMI

"My wife and I live several blocks from Suburban Hospital and find its local, medical expertise a rewarding part of living in this area. As the population is not shrinking and the range of medical services is growing, it is important for Suburban to enlarge their facilities."

John Winters

"I want my family and others in Montgomery County to have access to the best possible medical care. Suburban's expansion would help ensure that. As someone who lives just a few blocks from Suburban and uses the streets around it nearly every day, I'm confident that the expansion will have little or no lasting negative impact on the surrounding neighborhood."

Daniel Keen
Suburban Hospital Neighbor

"I commend Suburban Hospital on their tremendous success in providing their community the means to understand and fight back against diabetes and heart disease – two of our most serious medical issues. I hope they will be permitted to make the necessary enhancements to their campus to further their achievements."

David Jacobsohn
Rockville, MD

"I have enormous respect for this hospital...Suburban Hospital's proposed enhancement will help the hospital truly realize its potential and give the people of Montgomery County continued access to the best healthcare possible. I hope County officials keep this in mind as they evaluate the project."

Mary D. Kane
Potomac, MD

"The Marriott corporate family has relied on Suburban Hospital for critical emergency services for decades. Hundreds of our Montgomery County-based employees turn to Suburban Hospital for their family health care needs on a regular basis. Marriott International supports Suburban Hospital's efforts to ensure our community continues to have access to the latest in advanced medical technology and care, now and well into the future."

William Shaw
Vice Chairman, Marriott International, Inc.

"Suburban Hospital, an outstanding collaborator in JCA's Active for Life® Center of the National Capitol Region, is essential to the health and well being of Montgomery County. Its plans for campus redevelopment will enable the hospital to continue providing high quality healthcare to county residents."

Sharlene P. Hirsch, EDD
Founding Center Director, Active for Life Center of the National Capital Region, Jewish Council for the Aging

"As a leading non-profit organization that serves thousands of our most vulnerable Montgomery County residents, we rely on Suburban Hospital to provide healthcare services to those we serve. That's why we strongly support Suburban Hospital's plan to enhance its present facility so it can continue providing quality healthcare for generations to come."

Sue Kirk
Executive Director, Bethesda Cares

"As a continuing care retirement community we provide independent and assisted living for our 300 owner residents, as well as skilled nursing and rehabilitation services. We rely on our neighbor, Suburban Hospital, to be available for emergency and in-patient services when we need them, and we fully support their planning to enhance the hospital."

Jeff Zukerman
Associate Executive Director, Maplewood Park Place

"The Ashburton Elementary School PTA salutes Suburban Hospital, as the major health care provider in our community, in their desire to plan for the future and to remain an integral part of the infrastructure of Montgomery County and the surrounding area."

Sabrina Weger

"Quality healthcare services are a must-have when businesses consider where to call home. To ensure the Bethesda Chevy Chase Region and all of Montgomery County can continue to grow economically, we must make sure our healthcare provider infrastructure is state-of-the-art. As the voice of our business community, we applaud Suburban Hospital for proactively seeking to enhance its campus to provide high quality care in state-of-the-art facilities for generations to come."

Ginanne M. Italiano, IOM
President, The Greater Bethesda-Chevy Chase Chamber of Commerce

"As a leading non-profit organization that serves thousands of our most vulnerable Montgomery County residents, MobileMed works closely with Suburban Hospital to provide healthcare services to the underserved and uninsured. That's why we strongly support Suburban Hospital's plan to enhance its present facility so it can continue providing quality support services to our patients."

Sheldon Grosberg
Past President, Board of Directors, Mobile Medical Care

"The forces impacting the practice of emergency medicine today are far more complex and varied than even a few years ago. With ever increasing volumes of sicker patients requiring specialty care for cardiac complications, stroke, trauma and the like, as well as more complicated diseases and the persistent threat of disasters - natural and man-made, we must enhance our facilities in order to provide for the healthcare of our community."

Dr. Robert Rothstein
Vice President, Medical Affairs, Suburban Hospital

"I have a feeling of overwhelming gratitude for living about two miles from Suburban. It is a county treasure. I deeply appreciate the concerns of residents… they should be treated with the utmost respect. But Suburban can and must be improved through expansion."

Joel S. Hirschhorn
Chevy Chase, MD

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